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April 15, 2013
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Seminole Paradise

Installed throughout the grounds of Seminole Paradise, which encompasses a bevy of restaurants, boutiques and stores, are over 600 ILUMINARC® architectural wash lights, all of which surround Seminole Hard Rock Casino and Hotel, the casino’s Hard Rock Café Hollywood, FL and the live entertainment venue, Hard Rock Live. Specified by Audio Systems Consulting of Miami, the installation’s chief goal was to replace existing fixtures that had begun to malfunction with IP-rated ILUMINARC® LEDs.

The property, situated on land owned by the Seminole Tribe of Florida, has a brilliant entrance studded with palm trees, which line a lake punctuated in the middle by a fountain. These palms are uplit by hundreds of color-changing Ilumipod 18 IP often programmed to reflect holidays or seasons. They also complement the lighting used in the fountain for coordinated light, music and video shows.

Where the palm trees end, a promenade begins and affords a path for guests to walk lakeside past restaurants and landings, which offer vantage points of the expansive grounds. Underneath this walkway, illuminating the retaining walls and the water below, are hundreds of Ilumipanel 48 IP wash lights, which work in concert with the uplit trees as well as the fountain.

Elsewhere in the entertainment complex, 45 Ilumiline 21 IP and six Ilumiline 36 IP exterior wash lights downlight Café Martorano’s, owned by famed restaurateur Steve Martorano. Twenty-six Ilumipod 36 IP illuminate Bongos Cuban Café owned by superstars Gloria and Emilio Estefan. Accented by blocks of red, brick-like structures, which project from its main wall and lined by 40 Ilumiline 21 IP exterior wash lights, is the façade of Hard Rock Live. Marked by three sets of doors directly below the distinct Hard Rock Live sign, the entrance is uplit by four Ilumipod Inground 36 IP wash lights. The outside path leading up to the Hard Rock Live features planters filled with palm trees, foliage and dozens of Ilumipod 18 IP and Ilumipod Inground 36 IP exterior lights.

Creative Team
Audio Systems Consulting Inc.: Design and Engineering, Alex Caballero
Audio Systems Consulting Inc.: Project Manager and Systems Integration, Robert Macias Jr
Audio Systems Consulting Inc.: Design and Programming, Ian Elbrand
Audio Systems Consulting Inc.: Engineering, Henry Friedeberg
Main Architainment and Show Programming Team: iDesign, Michael Meacham
Main Architainment and Show Programming Team: Digital Media, Scott Chmielewski
Main Electrical Contractor: Dolphin Electric Inc.
Seminole Paradise Team: Seminole Properties, Sam Hosn
Seminole Paradise Team: Senior Project Manager, Steve Duvall
Seminole Paradise Team: IT, System Control, Franck Fuziol
Seminole Paradise Team: Facilities, Engineering, Barrie Beasley
ILUMINARC® Team: Jamey Brock and Dwight Slamp

e:cue Lighting Control Engine Automation Server and Butler Units
MA Lighting Grand MA Rack series 1

Landscape design:
279 ILUMINARC® Ilumipod 18 IP
148 ILUMINARC® Ilumipanel 28 IP
43 ILUMINARC® Ilumiline 21 IP
32 ILUMINARC® Ilumipod Inground 36 IP

Restaurant and venue exteriors:
32 ILUMINARC® Ilumiline 21 IP
4 ILUMINARC® Ilumipanel 48 IP
4 ILUMINARC® Ilumipod Inground 36 IP
45 ILUMINARC® Ilumiline 21 IP
32 ILUMINARC® Ilumiline 36 IP
4 Custom UV LED PARS